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My Ecodiesel ships 5/24 to Southwest KS

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I'm an odd fan of this truck. I've NEVER owned a Mopar product due to quality issues but always lusted after a cummins. Gave up on Diesels after owning Powerstrokes (don't get too far from home, you may have to walk) and a Duramax with phantom issues the dealer was unable to diagnose. I've seriously avoided driving my current truck, a 2012 Lariat 6.2 gas that gets 14 mpg on its good days. I've had it almost two years and it has 15,000 miles on it as I drive my Buick instead for economy. Lopp Motors in Dodge City KS has a nice Laramie Crew Ecodiesel DEMO that I got to test drive. VERY impressed. Rides better than my F-250 by a long ways but the interior is not as quiet; no diesel engine noise, just more wind noise than the Ford. The motor and tranny combination is seamless and a joy to drive. So I traded and ordered a Laramie all loaded up. MSRP is 55,850. Dealer really wanted my business and traded for $14K after rebates and incentives. I picked the Laramie instead of higher trims as I hate front seat consoles. They end up being in the way and a place for junk to collect, hence the Laramie with the 40/20/40 in tan leather. Exterior is True Blue and Silver. All the options except sun roof and a couple of others. I was told the build would be 6 weeks but it was more like 4 weeks. 10 days is the shipping time to western Kansas. I'll chime in Mid June and give you my impressions and tell you how my wife reacts (somehow I've neglected to tell her I ordered an Ecodiesel hoping she won't notice since the my current Superduty and the Ram are the same color). I trade vehicles OFTEN and she doesn't comprehend trading off a vehicle that is basically new for another one that accomplishes the same function. There is a part of me that understands that as being sensible, but I don't know what new vehicles have to do with sensibility.
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