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Hello, socal living but fed up with the BS in this state and moving to either Northern Michigan or Texas. Had Cummins since 2001 and currently own 2011 1 ton dually with G56 manual tranny. No longer haul heavy and from now on 6000 lbs will be my limit so down sizing. Yes Texas I know Socal types frowned upon but guve me a break as I've lived in mountains of Idaho, mountains of Utah and Salem, Oregon. I'm hating socal but the weather is #1. That's my introduction. Thanks.

San Diego
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I was reading your post and was thinking what is socal?? (thinking in my head it rhymed with local) I figured out at the end you meant So Cal (or SoCal) but either way the caps would help since you mean Southern California. This post may throw some people back east but I grew up in California as well and I moved away for all the B.S. too. And I miss the weather.
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