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New ED Owner from Vancouver Island, BC Canada!

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Hey guys & gals,

have enjoyed reading the forum discussions. Came on when I was researching the ED Quad Cab SLT 4x4 and just got mine 3 weeks ago. The real world MPG is impressive! Easily on the hwy getting 32-33 driving 60-66 mph and passing people when I need to.

Haven't read the owner's manual yet or watched the cd/dvd given to me but will.

Question about DEF in CANADA? I see it's for sale in the US at stores like Walmart but unsure where to buy here in Canada. Was told the dealer will fill the 6 gallon DEF tank at 10K miles. Not sure if they're going to GOUGE me for that priviiege lol!

Payload: the only thing I was't too impressed on was the payload of the truck bed. I think mine's only about 1400 lbs. Too bad as I wanted a truck camper. Am looking into light, pop up campers.

Satellite Radio: first vehicle I've owned that has it and I get 3 months free. Have to say even on FLAT ground w/ trees, the darn signal cuts in and out. Am thinking it's NOT worth the monthly fee.
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hey man as for DEF theres a few places you can find it. Petro got DEF, you can get it at the pumps in some places but those are big rig specific I assume..

Petro-Canada - Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF, Petro-Pass

Canadian Tires got it as well

Air1 Pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) | Canadian Tire

Brand doesn't really matter, its all the same. Welcome to the site :D
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