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New from Canada

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Could not believe that someone finally decided to bring one of these engines to the North American market. What a great truck!

Traded my 09 Hemi for this. So far I have been getting 12L/100Km all city driving. Will be doing some highway towing this weekend and hope that it deals with it as well as I expect.
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welcome aboard man, post up your numbers see if you're consistent ;)
So towing a small trailer with two bikes on it and a loaded bed I got 10.2L/100Km on the highway over 250Km. That is 23.6 MPG traveling for 156 Miles. I was doing 100 - 120 Km/h, 60 - 70 M/h

I will be doing a 1300Km trip in the first week of July hauling a 10 X 6 enclosed trailer with a weight of about 5000 lb over the Rocky Mountains so that will be a good test.
That sounds like pretty good numbers for towing. Are you happy with the fuel economy that you are getting?

I'm pretty sure that is about in line with what other people have been reporting. Your long trip should give us/you a really good idea of what kind of fuel efficiency should be expected when you are towing. Please keep us updated. :D

How long did you have to wait for your truck from when you ordered it?
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