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New guy, DEF issues research & to educate

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Hello all, in my former life I was a DOD Haz-Mat chemist, from that stepping stone I became a Haz-Mat field chemist in the civilian community. I some years later was offered a job as a QC chemist for a large fuel distributor. I now own my own company making the dreaded DEF www.N2DEF.com
We are a small DEF manufacturing company in Reno NV. What separates our N2DEF from the others? our product is actually designed to clean common contaminates out of the SCR catalyst, by doing this the system operates at its maximum efficiency. The result is 15% to 40% decrease in DEF consumption and a prolonged catalyst life. Neigh Sayers? try it! You will never buy another product.
I'm also interested in education of DEF to all that are interested with any questions. my contact info is [email protected]
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