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Hi from Texas!!! Glad to be here.

New guy here but not new to the RAM.

Owned 2 Ram's in the past, 2011 and 2012 Lone Star. Love the truck. Used to be a Silverado guy. I will never going back to it, after own a RAM. EVER!!!!!

Just Sold my 2012 and planning to buy a RAM 1500 Eco Diesel.

I am overseas now, so can't buy until I get back. Can't wait.

Never own a Laramie, so this time I will buy one, prices are little high but I will be happy to own one.

Question: I am confused about air suspension. Does the all Laramie Trim came with it from factory, or it is just for the Laramie Limited. If I decide to buy other Trim, can I order it with air suspension? (ex. Lone Star).


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Had problems wit 5 silverados. one after another. First time I Test drove a RAM, I was amazed with quality and power.
Welcome, I'm new in here too...5 Times I would certainly have switched after 2.

My wife's previous vehicle was 03 Ram 1500's (received Feb '03) with the newly reintroduced Hemi. She kept it for 11 years (145,000 miles) and now she has the EcoD!

Besides Routine Maintenance the only issues with her old ram 1500 were the following:
Radiator (its expected around 100,000 miles), change it myself, also changed the Thermostat
Valve spring broke (forced tow to nearest dealer from point of breakdown)
AC Fan (changed it myself)
Total Mileage 145,000.

Regarding the Valve spring I believe it a lie, but had no choice to send it to the nearest stealer ship after hours due to our insurance towing policy of the closest dealership (dadeland dodge). I personally think that it was the one of the ignition coil packs that went out. They also failed to provide me the broken parts when they were told upfront that I wanted to retrieve them. I found out from others that dadeland dodge was/is quite nefarious.

Anyways, my main concern is the emissions junk, but I think the DEF/SCR is a much better system that which came with my 08. For this reason and for all the electrical doodads on the EcoD, we spent the extra $ for the 96 month bumper to bumper warranty.
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