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New here. Have questions about ecodiesel

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Hey fellas,

I have an '08 RAM 1500 4x4 with the Hemi. It's been a very good truck with very few problems.

I use it for work and may need to replace it for a new business write off.

I also have a 2013 VW Jetta sportwagen TDI. The fuel economy is spectacular at 50 mph on the highway.

I've seen the ads on TV and the truck sounds interesting. A friend who follows auto forums told me that there are reported problems with the how the diesel vapors are recirculated and utilized. I believe it has something to do with problems with the emissions systems. He said there are reports that there are known problems with this engine.

I don't know anything about it. What can you fellas tell me about your experiences with this ecodiesel engine. And how many miles have you put on it?

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welcome to the forum. You should search existing threads for various issues people have had but keep in mind that people with issues are usually at the forum and join just to get help with the issues. A lot of people without issues hang back and don't say much. As for myself I have a 14' Laramie with about 17,000 miles and the only issue I had early on was some weird electrical stuff that got 100% fixed with a software update. No other issues so far and I use my truck hard with 2 different trailers. Get about 30mpg highway empty, and about 20mpg towing a 3500lb 14ft enclosed utility trailer, and about 15mpg towing a 25ft 5500lb travel trailer. Good luck on finding the answers to help your decision. I feel it is a good truck my 2 cents.

Did you do all your towing on flat?
If you have a few minutes you can read a post I made on a 6000 mile road trip I made towing the travel trailer that I updated every few days with conditions/ terrain etc with my milage every fill up and average for the entire trip. http://www.dieselramforum.com/forum/towing/6298-cross-country-towing-round-trip-6000-miles.html
I want to add as well that you need to 'lift' you foot off the gas when empty or towing to make sure the truck is getting into 7th or 8th gear. Especially when towing the truck likes to hold in 5th or 6th and you need to coax it into a higher gear for MUCH better milage
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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