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New here. Have questions about ecodiesel

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Hey fellas,

I have an '08 RAM 1500 4x4 with the Hemi. It's been a very good truck with very few problems.

I use it for work and may need to replace it for a new business write off.

I also have a 2013 VW Jetta sportwagen TDI. The fuel economy is spectacular at 50 mph on the highway.

I've seen the ads on TV and the truck sounds interesting. A friend who follows auto forums told me that there are reported problems with the how the diesel vapors are recirculated and utilized. I believe it has something to do with problems with the emissions systems. He said there are reports that there are known problems with this engine.

I don't know anything about it. What can you fellas tell me about your experiences with this ecodiesel engine. And how many miles have you put on it?

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Welcome Hangman,

I have a Laramie 4x2 with limited slip. It's a crew cab with the 5'-7" bed. I think if your looking for a loaded truck a Laramie is where you would want to be. Figure around low 40's to high 40's.
Biggest issues I think has been exhaust coupler leak on 4x2's which would bring exhaust fumes into the cabin, and it's been a long road for early adopters to get this resolved (having to wait for parts to be redesigned, approved, made, etc.) and DEF issues, but this is pretty much in the frozen tundra in super cold climates. So I think your timing is just about right to step into an EcoDiesel not really run into the major early problems that some have had. Hope you become a permanent active member!
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