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Taking delivery of a new Laramie, crew, 6'4" tomorrow. Black. Came with pretty much all of the options except air susp. and ram box.

I am swapping out my VW Golf TDI and a Nissan Xterra. Goal was to go down to one vehicle, used for DD duties as well as towing an 18' RPod camper, without getting terrible truck like mileage. We'll see.

I loved the little diesel in my VW and am hoping for a similar experience in a (much) bigger package.

I'm hopeful that the mileage will work out as it sounds. Should be able to double my current towing mileage, with a lot better performance / handling.

I've had a few trucks and several SUV's, but this will be my first full sized, and actually my first domestic vehicle.

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Welcome to the forum. I've had several vw's diesels also. I'm very happy with my RAM. We're looking forward to hearing about your experiences and pictures are always welcome.
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