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New Member and 1st time Ram and ED owner

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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself I am new to Ram and New to ED. This will be my first Ram and first diesel ever. I will be picking up my new 2014 Metallic Graphite Grey Laramie ED crew cab short box on Tuesday! Hopefully this will be a better truck and better MPG then my 2013 ext cab silverado!!

Thanks for all the information already!!

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My Silverado was averaging 17.3 with mostly highway driving as i drive 50 miles to work one way per day!
how much of that was highway and how much city?

I know city mileage can be brutal.
80/20 highway/city
nice, that's a nice amount of highway mileage beats being stuck with city driving for extended periods of time
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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