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new member from Canada and soon to be ecodiesel owner

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Hi Guys/gals: newbie here from Manitoba Canada,spent the day test driving a new Laramie ecodiesel in bright cherry red,what a driving experience,coming from my 04.5 ram turbo cummins this ecodiesel drives like a dream,one would be hard pressed to tell it was a diesel,acceleration is great although i did notice what i think was a bit of turbo lag while under light acceleration,my wife and i fell in love with it,now to decide to sign on the dotted line with all discounts etc... $48,500.00 CDN the exact same truck in the Hemi was $44,700.00 with my commuting this is a no brainer, and with a diesel they were designed for tweaking!! Blue spark tuners!! etc... will let you all know on monday if it is in the driveway,the dealer also has a grey SLT 3.0 that could be ours for $35,000.00 out the door but options are sparse,DECISIONS,DECISIONS:)
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Never heard of a 4.5 l Turbo Cummins. There's a 5.9 and a 6.7 with others coming out. You must have had the secret model.

Both trucks you are looking at have the 3.0 Ecodiesel. Both will take you from point A to point B and tow with good fuel mileage. It's all in what you think you want to do the ride.

I could be in a buckboard as long as the horses are reliable. May your wallet and priorities be your guide. it will be easy for you to make a good decision. Both choices are good.
I also "came" from an '04 Dodge 5.9 Cummins to this Eco. Never would I give any consideration to a Hemi. That's one of, if not the worst of the gassers for fuel economy. Next time you buy 16 expensive spark plugs for an 8 cylinder engine and then tow at 7 -8 mpg you will know.
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The most important question has not been asked.

Do you shoot a 338 Lapua?

I shoot 338 Win. for hunting. Do not do target with it. I use 6MM Dasher and 6.5 Ackley Improved for most of my 600 and 1,000 yard competitions.
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