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I ordered mine yesterday and thought it would make an appropriate first post. I've always wanted a truck but couldn't justify it due to my long commute, but the mileage of the EcoDiesel has put owning one in reach.

DS6H98 - 1500 SLT CREW CAB 4X4 w'5' 7" box
28T - Outdoorsman Package
EXF - 3.0L EcoDiesel Engine
DFD - 8 Spd. Auto 8HP70 Trans
PAU - Granite Crystal Met. Clear Coat
APA - Monotone Paint
MJ - Premium Cloth Bucket Seats
X8 - Black/Diesel Gray
XAC - ParkView Rear Back-up Camera
SER - Air Suspension 4-Corner
GWA - Power Sun Roof
RC3 - 9 Amplified Speakers w/Subwoofer
WHE - 20X8 Aluminum Wheels
GFA - Rear Window Defroster
XMF - Spray in Bedliner

They are talking 2 weeks until VIN and 6-8 weeks delivery. The plant where it'll be built is about 20 minutes form my house, I wonder if they'll let me drop by and watch?

The pic below shows the monotone paint scheme on the Outdoorsman and the 20" aluminum wheels. Of course mine won't have a Hemi emblem.


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We have a place in the U.P. with access to 36,000 acres of forest and logging trails so the air suspension will definitely get a workout. Hopefully it's late enough in the game than any "issues" have been addressed.

Probably a much better test than what Ram put it through :D
Let us know how it goes through that sort of terrain
I stopped by the dealer to check on the status of my order and found that the truck is scheduled for build (D1) with a 5/15 ship date. That was quite a surprise since I was told 6-8 weeks when I placed the order. Three weeks is much better in my opinion. :)

I tried punching the VIN in the Vehicle Order Tracking System, but it didn't appear to be working.

Not bad at all! At least they don't have you waiting longer than you originally expected which is of course always a good thing
Nice! What are you first set of accessories going to be if any?
It's going to take some time to see them more frequently, but the odd spotting will be fun!
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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