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new member.. Indiana.. Hi guys

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Just got my new ram 1500 crewcab 4x4 , rambox ,ecodiesel
Have about 1100 miles on it.So far lovin it. I have noticed 2 things that would like to get some
feed back on.First it seems to have a lag on a quick take off ( pulling into traffic ) second I can hear the turbo as it spools down between 1500 rpm and idle.Sounds like a dry bearing. Is this normal ?? I also have a 2500 with a 24 valve cumnins so I am some what familar with diesels and turbos. I know this is a variable geometry turbo and may this is normal ?
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I noticed what I think you are noticing as "lag", I felt it to, but try this and see what you notice; I turned on the button shifting feature that shows you actual gear, plus the one you can manually set it to. Watch and see when you feel that "lag" and then the initial grab of torque or pick-up. I found the my truck was actually downshifting into 1st from 2nd even if I was still rolling at take-off, and that quick pick-up that after the lag was the truck actually downshifting gears, then hitting a power gear. Might just be my foot is too heavy and the truck is trying to power, but this is what I noticed.
As for the Turbo, I can hear mine as well sometimes (I posted about it as well). I can only hear it when the stereo is off and I’m accelerating lightly (so the truck is shifting at 2000rpm) as it is moving through the gears. I will hear a quite whistle - whining sound that I expected a turbo to sound like. When I mash the fuel however, I don’t notice it as much. I have found it has been toned-out now that I am used to it.
I am no expert on these at all, but this is what I have perceived from my experiences, possibly someone with mechanical knowledge can weigh in as well.
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