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new member.. Indiana.. Hi guys

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Just got my new ram 1500 crewcab 4x4 , rambox ,ecodiesel
Have about 1100 miles on it.So far lovin it. I have noticed 2 things that would like to get some
feed back on.First it seems to have a lag on a quick take off ( pulling into traffic ) second I can hear the turbo as it spools down between 1500 rpm and idle.Sounds like a dry bearing. Is this normal ?? I also have a 2500 with a 24 valve cumnins so I am some what familar with diesels and turbos. I know this is a variable geometry turbo and may this is normal ?
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Thanks for the feedback.I will need to figure how to veiw curent gear. As far as the tubro noise I think it may the boost pressure dumping as it returns to idle? I only hear it on decell.
welcome to the boards, yea sounds like a waste gate. By deisel standards the Eco is quiet as kids on timeout ;)

Guzzibob, I take it you ride Guzzi's? ;)
Yes I had a 1973 850 Elderado bought it new in 73. Sold it about a year ago.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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