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Hello everyone, I've had Dodges in the past,But this is my first Eco Diesel 2015 1500 Ram.I purchased it new in 2015.I currently have 16,000 miles on it.Only problems so far is the Fuel filler neck cracked twice,and 3 weeks in battery died,all which the dealership replaced under warranty. I will be attempting my first fuel filter change out very soon.Dealer wants 350.00 to do it,so i will be doing it myself.Also next oil change i will also be doing as they want 220.00 for this. Dealership says i have 2 fuel filters, but i only found one in the rear of truck bye back axle.I see nothing by the engine.3.0 6 cylinder diesel. I do however every so often get a slight smell of exhaust in the cab.Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
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