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New Member Up hill towing

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New member here and have a question. Can anyone tell me how the towing up hills with the EcoDiesel is? I plan to tow about 4000 lbs and don`t like to be bogged down. Thanks
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That's what Tow-Haul mode switch is for...just activate it!

Not sure I understand the question. Are you concerned with having enough power to tow "that little" up a hill or is it related to having the trailer lower and behind?

Thoughts are you are a little concerned that this 3.0 liter engine does not have the "snot" to pull anything. Do you think a Hemi V8 has enough "snot"?

If you do, then remember that this little diesel is the "engine that could". It has a tiny bit MORE pulling torque than the typical Hemi V8 they use in these pickups.

I have not towed with a hemi. Been towing with a 09 Chev pu with the 5.3 in it.
Look up the torque specs. for that 5.3 and compare it to the Hemi. and the Ecodiesel. My bet is they will rank inversely to the order I just listed them.

You are smart to ask the questions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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