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NEW OWNER OF 2014 RAM 1500 ecodiesel

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Hi all,

I'm happy to join this forum as a new owner of RAM 1500 ecodiesel.

I've been reading and searching info on this forum, before I decide which truck to buy between F-150, Silverado and RAM 1500. After test drives, I had to choose between RAM 1500 Pentastar V6 and Ecodiesel. All this took me time from October 2014 to January 2015.

Finally, I'm a new owner of 2014 RAM Ecodiesel two days ago.
I live in Canada. It's very cold now. This morning, at 6:00 AM, I was afraid my truck would not start, but all was OK.

Thank you all for your contribution on this forum. I read a lot of what is in this forum and I hope I'll find more help here from different experiences.

Cheers!! :)
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Hi Panther Dash,

So far, I like my Ram, espacially on consumption. This is the main reason I chose the ecodiesel. But I'm experiencing start up problem. Sometimes, it'll take me almost 10 minutes to start the truck. Each time I start the truck, the engine will not respond. On the dush, I see the oil low pressure icon.
I've left to the dealer this morning to check it.

You asked what part of Canada I'm living in, I'm in Ottawa. What about you?
thank you very much. I just hope this truck (my first one) will last longer.
Hi Panther Dash,

The truck was at dealers's garage yesterday for check up. They told me that they did some work on the engine, they did flush something (I don't understand technical word).

What I noticed this morning, the truck started at once and it was -22C. I don't use the block heater yet, but I'll give it a try these days.
I was wondering, can I connect the block heater for the whole night or it must be few hours before I start the truck?
Hi v8deuce,

Thank you for the advise. I'll try it.
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