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Just signed the paperwork today and picking it up on Friday. I hope I have made a good decision. I have a Ram 2500 diesel that I have been driving for the last 15 year, It has been a great truck. I have a lot of folks trying to convince me that it is time to go to a gas engine. They say the diesels have become overly complicated and problematic. I want to start traveling and I want the fuel milage of the eco diesel. I am going to give a new on a try. I under warranty so hopefuly I am protected
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I bought the 4x4 with crew cab. Looks like I am going pick it up on Friday, it is out for rust proof and undercoat. I did not have my 2001 ram 2500 rust proofed on Dodges recommendation and rust is what made that truck end of life. Sold it this afternoon. Sad to see it go, been driving it fifteen years. Hope I get the same service from the new truck.
Good lesson to be learned.
I've read great stories about vehicles that have been rust proofed and driven through 10-15 years of salted roads without issue!

How much are you paying for the whole rust proofing job?
About $700 for the undercoat and rust proof. Hopefuly it works.
That pricing seems about right.

You might want to do some research on most effective rust proofing products and processes. Apparently there are a number of some, some effective and some not nearly as effective.
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