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New purchase

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I currently have a 1500 V8 Hemi and drive about 70 miles/day to work. I was looking at buying the 1500 ecodiesel and hoped some of you could help me out

I have seen 1500 Ecodiesels for sale around $40k new and am looking at the 4x4 model. I tow a boat and trailer during the summer that weighs about 5,500lbs, plus another 1,000 of gear in the bed. Do you think this truck can tow that comfortably? We usually go down to TN and KY to boat and there are a few decent size hills, plus pulling the boat out of the water there can be really steep, slippery grades at the boat ramps.

Are all the ecodeisels "turbo" or are there two models? Have seen some articles refer to the "turbo" engine and others not reference it.

Any problems with these trucks a new buyer should be wary of and is $40k a good price?

Appreciate your thoughts and feedback

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately there are so many posts on here about problems with the truck and dodge's crappy customer service that I'm just not gonna fool with buying one. Don't need the headache.
Well on the plus side FCA is standing FIRM behind diesels (warranty wise), more so then gassers ;) http://www.dieselramforum.com/forum...powertrain-warranty-diesels-not-included.html
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