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New to ecodiesel, but not to Ram

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Just traded my 2011 Ram in for the new ecodiesel. Worst mistake in my life!!! I'll be shopping for a trade as soon as an attorney can skin Chisler...I mean Chrysler-FIAT for all they are worth...I should stand to make at least a dollar!!
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Ok so ill bite, What is wrong with the truck? did you do any type of research before you bought?

Did you just come on to the forum to express your displeasure?
He's had a check engine light on since delivery. Dealer has not been able to correct the problem.

My take is the engine/truck runs fine but the sensor issue is driving him to distraction. I also think the dealer's service department has been inadequate.
Well yea. Find a new dealer. Not every dodge dealer is Crap. I wouldnt give up the truck though.
My son stepson bought a new truck and had the check engine light on shortly after he purchased it. Turns out it was a loose ground on the power mirror that was giving the warning.
Service department found it in less than an hour.
Change dealers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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