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Bought a new 15 QC Tradesman 4x4 about 3 weeks ago. Been on another forum during that time and while informative I don't think it was for me. Diesel history: 2x 2000 F-250, 04 F-350 Drw, 04 Dodge 3500, and 12 RAM 2500. All diesel, all 4x4. On one of the 250s did injectors, TC, valve body, tunes, exhaust, intake, and a couple other little tricks. All the others were intake, exhaust, tunes. Never got around to messing with the turbos, although I did know a fair amount about the intricacies of the big 3 diesels before taking a 2 year break from them. Interested in MPGs and performance although I don't think I have the money to make break through discoveries for the group or even be a ginnea pig.
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