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New to the ED, some simple questions

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Hello folks,
I have been a new owner of the ED for the last two or three weeks and have some general questions and some do's and don’ts questions....
1) DEF Fluid - I have seen some folks say that I can buy DEF fluid at a "pump" at truck stops, I haven’t seen these locally, are they just like a fuel pump but for DEF? Are they normally found at Truck stops or it is specific to the type/brand of Stop? I have only seen it the large case or barrel.
2) I was sitting at the gas Bar this week waiting for a patron to use the self-service pay at the pump effectively blocking my access to the diesel pump and I look over and see all 6 transport Truck bays open with diesel pumps just waiting to be used... I didn’t go for them cause I thought it was just for the Truckers, but is it ok to pull up in there like a boss and avoid the lines?
3) I am just rounding on 3500 KM on the truck and I noticed last night when I had the radio off that I can hear a winding sound (sounds like a turbo whine/spooling) that I didn’t notice before. Will the turbo get louder as it breaks in? (Driving was in town, multiple stop and go, hear it as rev's increase only).
4) Oil changes: I keep hearing folks on the forums say change at 10,000 miles, but my dealer is saying at 7 – 10,000 km, which is a big different between KM to Miles. Any experienced diesel users please comment.

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I just completed a 600 mile round trip from New York to Pennsylvania. Gassed at a Truck stop with no problem.....Just Diesel was 30 cents cheaper down road at regular Shell station. Haven't seen the DEF at pump either, even though there was a sign stating"Don't forget DEF" on pump next to Diesel filling station at truck stop. They did however have Peak DEF 2,5 gallon inside for 14 bucks. I got same bottle at Walmart for 10 bucks.
I can hear my Turbo whining, when accelerating, once up to speed, it is quite.
Best part of trip.....29.9 MPG round trip, through mountains and around town driving. Pretty Amazing for a Crew Cab 4x4 loaded up. Very happy with truck so far!

2014 Ecodiesel Ram1500 Big Horn 4x4
DEF bulk pumps are alongside truck fuel pumps at Pilot, Flying J and ???

Sure you can use the truck-fill pumps. Normally the nozzles are quite a bit larger than those used at the diesel pumps near the gas pumps or RV stations. They do work in our little pickups.

Oil changes are recommended at 10K MILE intervals. Guess that would be 13,000 or so KM's in Canada. One thing to remember is Canada has hideous weather and maybe the driving schedule is more severe there, hence a 10K KM schedule. Just my thoughts. Of course my thoughts are if you live in Canada, get outta there.

Never heard a turbo whine. Can hear my wife whine.
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I like to cold weather, so I'll stay Canada side thanks lol. I also see you folks reporting over 28 MPG, I got that the first trip out, however I cant get over 24 now. Driving on cruise at highway speeds, however we have rolling hills here in NB on the main highway.
Hey 10%, be nice, the weather up here is just fine. I like my seasons. I have friends in Florida and they don't understand why I don't like it down your way.

I just bought DEF in a 2.5USG jug at a local fuel company Dowler-Karn, might be out your way. 1.39 per litre tax included. Bulk was .79 per litre, but have no where to store the quantity it came in.

I haven't put enough on it yet to figure out anything. Going next week on first 3 hour drive north pulling a 6X10 utility trailer with goose decoys, but pretty flat in my neck of the woods.

Closed Flying J is hour or so away, but will stop next pass and find out if available here in Ontario.
welcome aboard to the three new members who've piled into this thread ;) Glad to have you along!
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