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Hi Folks

I've owned Rams for over four years and this is the first time I have ever joined a forum.

I've just traded in my '12 Longhorn Crew Hemi for a '14 Big Horn Eco Diesel with the four corner air ride 5 days ago. All I can say is WOW!:D

Previous to the '12, I also owned a '10 Ram SLT with the Hemi. I pull a 6500lb. 27' travel trailer regularly during the summer and was not impressed with the hemi gas mileage the second I hooked the wagon up to the truck. I always wanted a diesel, but my bad hip can't take the lumber wagon ride of the 2500's. I had a 3/4 ton GM a long time ago and got rid of it because of that.

I was told about the upcoming diesel in the spring of '13 and had been waiting patiently for these to come along. I am quite impressed with the performance and acceleration. This is one of the quietest trucks I have ever been in.

My only beef with Chrysler is why it took 20 years to develop a 1500 diesel.

I do have one question for the forum. I have been all through the settings turning off horn blowing and the lights shows when I want to start or lock the truck.

Is there a setting to have the air suspension automatically go to the "exit/entry" setting when the truck is put into park? The biggest problem for my wife and her bad knee and me with a bad hip is forgetting that we have such a convenient feature on this truck. If it automatically went to exit mode when we stopped, it would be great.

It's a pleasure meeting ya'll.:)
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)not as far as I know, but thats only as far as I know ;):D congrats on the new rig, I think you'll have a good time here, respectful and knowledgeable bunch ! :D
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