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New Wiper Motor needed

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When the truck was checked last week at the dealer Barton Dodge in Spokane they said the motor had an internal noise, new one had to be ordered. My mind said OH ****, how long will this take. The service desk said it comes from NY and should be here next week !!! Well I had my doubts but they called me today and as I had told them when they order it that I had to head to OR ASAP. So very much to my surprise they said it was set up for Thursday 2 April 10.30 for the instal.

I had received the large questioner from customer care and as I was treated very well I gave them and the service guy a great rating ( 10's ) so that may have helped get set up so quick for the instal. I have a feeling that being nice helps at times. I plan to take a dozen donuts with me for them::: besides I can eat a maple bar well waiting.

I think that at times some owners blame the dealers for their problems but they only sell what they receive. Sometimes kind words work wonders with people that are put in a position where they deal with all kinds people, good, bad and in between. Ray :)
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