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Hi, my name is Rick and I live on the east coast of North Carolina, near Morehead City.

The local dealer got in a white Laramie, hard loaded. The sticker was $50,000 and I was able to get it much lower than that. Okay, not all that much.

But I got it. It read 23.5 MPG on the drive home! Way better than the Hemi I traded in. I'm looking forward to some long trips this summer
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Welcome to the forum rick.
Post up some pictures of it. Were you looking at any other new trucks or did you just want the Ram?
I only looked at the Ram Ecodiesel. I traded in my 2012 Ram 1500 Bighorn for it. This is my 3rd Ram pickup.

I'm running 23.6 MPG average to date compared to maybe 16 in the Hemi model. That's just what I was looking for in this truck. Now I'm looking for any reason at all for a long highway run. I really want to see that 28 MPG displayed on the display.

I sat down to read the owners manual today, it has zero info on the eco model, no explanation of the dashboard, no service schedules. That strikes me as very odd.
Good luck with getting the mileage you want, on the highway, depending how you drive that 28 mpg figure should be possible.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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