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Newby to the Dodge truck family.

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I've always been a Chevy truck person but this EcoDiesel truck convinced me to make a life change! Now after reading several of these not so nice posts I'm starting to get nervous about this truck as I've never owned a diesel before.
Still have till next week before I get the vehicle.
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Call me crazy, but regardless of make & model, I many times feel that buying a car is a crap shoot. Every manufacturer has it's issues the pop up from time to time. As for the EcoDiesel, there were some issues with 2014's with the bottom end (bad batch released with either subpar bearings that were used or installed incorrectly) exhaust coupler making fumes in 4x2's. I know some have had issues in REALLY cold climates with the DEF fluid, and some who are commuting very short distances, which could inhibit regeneration cycles. I'm sure Chevy & Ford has their issues too. Just do what you think is best for yourself. As for me, my ED has been excellent, and I couldn't be happier!
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