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Next truck choice looking stronger than ever

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Family currently camps out of a 34' fiver TH, which is overkill for us, and are looking to downsize about 10' of trailer and go bumper pull. To that end we currently pull with an 08 Ram 3500, which is also overkill for us. Not only is it a tank to park or drive, the seats also suck for anything over commute time. Back seat is extended cab size, and my kids are way cramped back there. More to the point, the Cummins is too much in every respect; just dropped $1,800 overhauling and modding the OEM turbo and trans is heading south to the tune of $8,500; this in addition to any hidden issues over the coming years. Final blow is climb in height and ride quality; stock height and still have to leverage up. Not getting any younger. And rides like a mad bull on anything other than laser smooth pavement.

There are advantages (huge bed for transfer tank and all our camping crap) and the chasis is solid. However, I want to downsize, and it's looking like a Longhorn ED fits the bill. Decision is made easier by the fact that, in order to put all the goodies the new trucks offer into mine, it would cost more than just getting the 1500. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the seats; I can drive for hours with no screaming back, and all the tech crap keeps the navigator happy.

One negative is tank size; wish they offered the 32 gallon on the standard bed, and haven't found if anyone offers a bigger tank aftermarket yet. I'm pretty sure a tank vent kit would allow more fuel capacity (did mine a couple of years ago and capacity went from a painful 15+ minutes to fill 35 gallons to a much quicker 44 gallons, all with just a vent kit). I may just get a small capacity in-bed.

The other is reliability of this engine; like all new diesels this one is saddled with so much EPA crap. Even deleted, my turbo only lasted 85,000. Combined with all the controls, I'm curious to see what, if any, issues will creep in as these age, hoping they are as reliable as the Hemi (or better). Otherwise, the truck seems solid, which is a first for Dodge/Ram, at least in my experience. Understand that these have been out for a while in the GC and overseas, just have concerns about Italian diesels (bad experience with Lombardini).
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Got a call from the wife a couple of minutes ago, telling me to go ahead and order what I want. Gonna call a couple of local dealers and see who can get me the best price. The order sheet:

Lonhorn with the ED
color solid and dark- Maximum Steel, Black or True Blue
Cattle Tan
6'4" box
rear window defog
forged wheels
tow mirror and controller package
conveniece group
protection group
air suspension
3.92 axle/anti spin

MSRP a hair under $54,900. Basically, everything but the Rambox and sunroof.

Adding powered steps and a full cap aftermarket.
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Use a car buying service. Costco, USAA, PENFED, etc will get you more money off then what a dealer will offer on these high demand trucks. Sounds like you have a nice one in mind, hopefully you find you ED soon!
Several options to buy; dealer in ATL is knocking up to $10k off right now, including diesels. Haven't spoken to them yet, but will this weekend.

The only reason I decided to go ahead and jump in is the MaxCare Lifetime Chrysler offers; for about $3,500 that would more than pay for itself if the turbo or emissions systems goes south just once. About 15% of the purchase price.
Up to $10k off is quite a lot and seems to be one of the most generous. Has there been reports of any one getting more knocked off?
unless I am wrong they do not offer the lifetime warranty on the diesel. I already asked... :(
Haven't asked about the lifetime warranty for the diesel yet; if not available I may not go this route as I don't trust it to go a ton of miles without a ton of issues that I don't feel like paying a ton to fix. The warranty site sucks, since it will not allow you to specify which combo you have, just truck/suv.

The dealer is up in North ATL; seems that price was for one they had in stock, but are kind of vague if they will extend to an ordered or located unit (thinking not). They do have a ton of Hemi's, though it would be sad to have to go that route. Around here, forget it; one price, listed right on the window sticker (or more if you want a Scotchguard, wax and nitrogen "protection package" for about $1,000 more + "limited availability" for another $2,500 - $5,000).
good luck in the hunt, but we're coming up on model year changeover might not be having the best of luck getting anything until at least September...
Sitll thinking about this one, and I have plenty of time now, as my credit is bad enough not to get approved right now. 2 potential issues I have to think about:

First is the lack of lifetime warranty; if not available then I'll go Hemi. Second is how I'll use the truck. 90% of my miles are commuting, about 30 a day, and at speeds of 55 or below with a lot of stop and go for a few miles; that's asking for issues, as I currently put less than 14,000 a year on my primary vehicle. As I get older they will drop more. Later, we plan on pulling a smaller TT and would get some working miles at that point. However, this may not be for another 6-10 years, and major issues will have taken hold before than.

I've been reading about tuning and deletes; tuning is about $550 + shipping, the DPF is as simple as removing the filter and installing a piece of straight pipe. The tuning turns off the EGR, DPF and DEF from the systems, and the company recommends leaving the EGR system alone otherwise. Some are already reporting high EGT's stock (1500+) and am not sure if I feel comfortable with those numbers, also not sure under what circumstances they're getting them.
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Confirmed; lifetime is not available through Chrysler on any diesel, possibly due to not being Chrysler engines. Diesel is out for me.
Confirmed; lifetime is not available through Chrysler on any diesel, possibly due to not being Chrysler engines. Diesel is out for me.
thats unfortunate, any good reason why this is the case?
Interesting read, though rods will have to be swapped for anything pushing 500 hp. Seems stout enough that an additional 100hp and 200lbft should be no issue. Personally, I think is was more than enough stock.
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