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Why buy half a truck

I've owned Nissan and Toyota trucks. I've also owned a Ford Ranger and Bronco II in its time.
The question I asked myself for years was "Why buy half a truck?" More than once over the years, I wished I had a full size truck.
I had a new 3/4 ton GMC Sierra Grande in 1976 and loved the truck, hated the ride and hated the gas mileage. Eight miles per gallon just didn't cut it for me. That's when I went to the small trucks.
In 2010, I bought my first Hemi. In 2012 I bought a Longhorn Hemi. Almost four months ago, I bought the ED.
Why buy half a truck when the best of all worlds is here now? I love my EcoDiesel. My two year cycle of turning in trucks is over. This one is here to stay.
depends on what we're talking about, my Ranger FX4 has a TINY footprint compared to the F150 and my fuel costs are much less than a full size gasser...

I can parallel park it downtown and still load it with dry wall...
How does the FX4 compare with an EcoDiesel on mpg? I can park my Bighorn Crewcab downtown too and put 1400 lbs of cement in it without dragging the bumper on the ground. I can also put 5 adults into it in comfort. Can the FX4 do that?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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