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Nissan Frontier Frontier Diesel

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No clue how that Thailand comment is related. Thailand is a drug-infested, immoral, POS, backward place. No reasonable American would get near that mess or use it as a standard for anything reasonable.
I think he was stating that there is a need for a small Japanese made pickup, only in other parts of the world. Thailand seems to be a big market, and China is going to be a bigger automotive market than all of north america soon.

Sad to see Chrysler did not want that smaller Cummins for the Cherokee or Wrangler. Unless it's a bit rough and loud, the engine size would seem to be a good fit for something smaller than a full-sized 1/2 ton pickup. Guess they have to sell their products for profit with no sense of pride in America.

If something like this does eventually go into production and sale, people here will buy it with little understanding of American history.

Thanks for the video links. It's good to know what's going on.
I read that they couldn't get the fuel economy that they wanted. They already have a big noisy capable diesel, they wanted a refined, quiet, super fuel efficient one for the the 1500 and the V Motori fit the requirements better.
I've owned Nissan and Toyota trucks. I've also owned a Ford Ranger and Bronco II in its time.
The question I asked myself for years was "Why buy half a truck?"
Especially when the real reason you consider a small truck is to reduce costs. The small trucks cost the same to buy, maintain, and fuel as a 1500. The only real reason is the actual physical size of the thing. If you need to fit into small parking spaces and it is capable for your needs then it makes sense.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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