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Nissan Frontier Frontier Diesel

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I think there will always be a demand, they just have to play their cards right in making it all work well for them and the consumer.
I've owned Nissan and Toyota trucks. I've also owned a Ford Ranger and Bronco II in its time.
The question I asked myself for years was "Why buy half a truck?" More than once over the years, I wished I had a full size truck.
I had a new 3/4 ton GMC Sierra Grande in 1976 and loved the truck, hated the ride and hated the gas mileage. Eight miles per gallon just didn't cut it for me. That's when I went to the small trucks.
In 2010, I bought my first Hemi. In 2012 I bought a Longhorn Hemi. Almost four months ago, I bought the ED.
Why buy half a truck when the best of all worlds is here now? I love my EcoDiesel. My two year cycle of turning in trucks is over. This one is here to stay.

I have heard many others say the same that have came from a history of owning a wide range of trucks. At least you also come from a wide range of trucks.
By the way, since this thread is on a japanese truck, what about Toyota? Does anyone have any idea when they will step into the ring with say a.... Tundra Diesel?
Listen to that thing idle. A modern diesel should have less loose marble noise than that!
On the plus side with the Ram 1500 diesel, at least inside the cabin and even outside... it sounds quite enough.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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