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Nissan Frontier Frontier Diesel

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The Engine was rejected by RAM on the basis of Fuel efficiency, does Nissan really think this is going to work? They have no differentiator now, ok hands down they will have most in class torque...

For decades, Cummins engines have been exclusive to Ram pickups, but the diesel engine that Cummins produced for the 1500 was completely shot down by Ram. Apparently the automaker was looking for a highway fuel economy rating of no less than 26 mpg, and the Cummins Diesel was only able to return around 24. So, for the first time ever, Cummins was forced to find another buyer—and Nissan jumped on the chance to take the engine off their hands.
Especially when the real reason you consider a small truck is to reduce costs. The small trucks cost the same to buy, maintain, and fuel as a 1500. The only real reason is the actual physical size of the thing. If you need to fit into small parking spaces and it is capable for your needs then it makes sense.
depends on what we're talking about, my Ranger FX4 has a TINY footprint compared to the F150 and my fuel costs are much less than a full size gasser...

I can parallel park it downtown and still load it with dry wall...
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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