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that being said we've been driving Cummins Dodge products since 1995 with over 2 million miles logged on our dodges 1992 2wd club cab 657,000, '95 230,000, 1998.5 200,000 , 1999 904,000 , 2003 205,000 [violently totaled driver survived] 2005 200,000 miles. these are miles that we put on the trucks not the total miles on those vehicles. I ran into this forum looking for some support material for my use of Pennzoil ultra euro l 5-30 in my current daily driver a 2014 TDI [the 2005 has been semi retired with 400,000 miles] as it has approvals [not 'meets or exceeds'] for use in MB, BMW, Audi/VW Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and other diesel engines. and was intended for use in high end/high demand diesel engines. I thought I had read somewhere earlier in the year that ultra euro l is mentioned in some jeep/ram owners manuals I am trying to verify that.

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