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Now is SERIOUSLY the time to Buy.

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All the big three have been over producing for months, currently all three are into triple digit days supply of inventory.

GM: 114 Days
Ford: 107 Days
Chrysler: 105 Days

Industry Average: 89 Days

All are on record saying they will all attempt to "sell" their way out with sweet incentives, but not enough incentives to start a price war...

Sounds like collusion, especially when you consider over production by the big three has been fueling recent ramps of manufacturing indices.

"With inventory levels reaching a point not seen since August 2009 and extreme weather not letting up, we fully expect a short term rise in incentives," said Eric Lyman, an ALG vice president in Santa Barbara, Calif. "The danger is that this turns into an escalating arms race for market share," Mr. Lyman said.
Woo Hooo!
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Ram has got $6200 in incentives out there--but the catch is delivery by March 3.
[SIZE="5"where did you get this info from? I cant find it.w[/SIZE]
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