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On Lots in February.

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Ok so it seems there was a slight delay somewhere along the line and the first RAM EcoDiesels will be on dealer lots by February. Last year, RAM had said that the diesel-propelled 1500 would be on sale in Q3 2013, which then changed to late Q4, and now February...
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Should be able to put your order in in February as well.

Quoting a person familiar with Chrysler’s plans, the aforementioned source says Ram will produce about 1,000 pre-spec trucks that will be distributed to dealers in February. Customers will be able to place their orders with Chrysler dealers the same month, the report adds.
From: 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to Hit Dealerships in February
So if its available in Feb how come we still dont have an order guide?
So if its available in Feb how come we still dont have an order guide?
because its not a new truck. Don't forget that the EcoDiesel is simply a $2500 engine upgrade option on the HEMI v8. So pick whatever trim level you want (except HFE) configure it up and then tack on $2500...
^ That, theres even a thread here showing which exact models are available as a diesel, just a easy resource for those that might forget or dont know.
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