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Ordered a Laramie longhorn

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Holy **** these things are expensive.i was prepared for it but they wanted me to get a extended warrenty oil changes for life and a protection package for the paint,bottom,etc.. For eight grand extra!!is this normal never purchased a knew car before so I feel like I'm getting worked:(
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I don't know about the LL, but I've spent the better half of my day comparing btw NADA, Edmunds, KBB, truecar, etc coming up w/ prices.
This is close to what I've worked up:
2014 RAM 1500 Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab 149" WB Maximum Steel
Invoice--- MSRP --- True Market Value®
Base Price $41,916 $45,600 $41,456

Laramie Quick Order Package 28H $0 $0 $0
Spray In Bedliner $404 $475 $432
17" x 7.0" Alum Chrome Clad Wheels ($425) ($500) ($500)
ParkSense Front/Rear Park Assist $336 $395 $359
Trailer Tow Group $281 $330 $300
diesel $2423 $2850 $2423
3.55 axle
Destination Fee $1,195 $1,195 $1,195

Total Price $46,130* $50,345 $45665

Total price is before any incentives, if any, and any possible dealer holdback (approx $1474)-which you could use to know how much more they will also make.

Will I get these prices? Not sure, but it's a starting point.
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welcome aboard @Fishman, congrats on the order! you have a delivery date yet?
You are getting worked

You have to be very careful

Keep in mind you are dealing with a SALESPERSON.

His job is mainly to make the company money before serving you.

You have to think deeply about what you really need and what is not needed.
welcome to the forum
i wouldn't get the extended warranty since i don't keep my vehicles for too long, after 4-5 years i get rid of them. around that time the big maintenance jobs come up.
Thanks everyone I'm excited about this site and this truck wich I have been researching for months.So I have the deposit down of five hundred wich I can get back.msrp is 58000.taxes and warranty is about ten.warranty is 2350,oil changes are 899 and the protection is 799 I think.anyway I went in today after doing a lot of research to negotiate.he told me we won't really no what rebate offers and incentives are available till it shows up.so I have to wait till the stakes are higher.im not sure if I should put out a lower offer . These trucks seem to be in high demand so I don't have that in my favor.they said I would get a email about the voc number if I have that correct.
The dealer said delivery date would be about 6-7 weeks.we shall see.i guess the boys in Canada have had longer delays.
If possible, check w/ a few other different dealers in area. Email them with what you want. If you are a Costco member, or USAA (there might be a few others) use their services. I remember when I was looking at the new 2013 6.7 Cummins Ram I went through Costco Auto Services. I got an email offer of 1% below invoice minus the rebates. Almost jumped on that.
Wow that sounds good.im a costco member so I will definately check the price.thankyou
never knew costco did this, good to know, i'll make sure to keep this in mind once i get serious about getting a Ram
costco for the win

everything is cheaper at costco :)

just got a garage door installed outsourced from some company in costco

was way cheaper than the competition and better quality.
Shoot I called dealer told him price was to high and that I priced it lower on dodges website.also I told him I might not want the airbags cause I want to put airbags on cause the payload is at 1010 and possibly lower with all the extras.so He suggested I cancelle the order wich I did((he called me back though told me to say that the truck is moving along (even though I haven't even got a Von)and told me he still wants to help me) going to check costco in about an hour.
The paint protection plan is a scam, don't even consider it...that will save you nearly a grand off the top.

Why buy the oil change package? That's probably limited to that particular dealer. What if you move? What if you drive the truck for a year and hate it? What if you lose your job and have to unload it? I wouldn't lock yourself into something like that.

That's too much for an extended warranty. Dealers can negotiate more than most people think on warranties. I wouldn't consider anything other than a Chrylser Max Care plan...absolutely no 3rd party warranties for me. When I bought the 5 year/100K Max Care plan with $100 deductible for my 2013 3500 4X4 Cummins, I only paid $1525. I think the dealer started somewhere north of $2500, and I told them that I could buy it online from a competing Ram dealer for WAY less. They came down very quickly. When I bought mine it included (4) certificates for $75 toward oil changes, which will be tied to your vehicle in the Ram system (the dealer can find it when you take it in for the first oil change, but you will probably have to ASK for it, and let them know that you are aware of it.). See, one more reason not to buy that oil change package or the 3rd party warranty.

There, I just saved you almost $3k. You're welcome.

If I remember correctly, since you ordered the truck, you can choose between the discounts that were offered when you ordered it, or the discounts that are available when it's delivered. Do your homework before you go in. The dealer may refuse to work with you on dealer incentives, but he cannot refuse to give you the manufacturer rebates.
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Its like buying a banna and wrapping it in chocolate then dipping it in dog ****. Lmao... I don't know what that means.......WTF?
Great advice thankyou I'm definately not going to get the paint and oil changes and work him down on warranty.my truck is built so it should be here in two-three weeks.also I did get them down to invoice as well and will get my option on incentives depending on what's better.
I almost never go for the extended warranty, never even keep my vehicles long enough to get past the normal warranty stage.
I definately want the warranty .ive had a lot of car troubles in my life and they get expensive.the radio alone could be a shitload I think.i wish they offered a warranty that is longer than 100kill do that in 3-4 years then I will sell.
I thought they offered a 7yr/120K Max Care Warranty...but haven't checked in a while.
Thank you for your interest in a genuine Mopar (Chrysler) extended warranty.

I've attached a sample contract for you to consider. The sample contract is for a lifetime/unlimited term. Even if your time/mileage terms differ, the components covered are the same. You will need a PC to see the details as Chrysler's system isn't compatible with other devices. Diesel engines are not eligible for lifetime/unlimited terms. A maximum care 8/120K with a $100 deductible, ballpark figure, is $2085.00. I need the last 8 of the VIN to provide a quote.

These extended warranties will only appreciate in value. With the cost of parts and repairs continually going up, the purchase of an extended care warranty will cover those costs regardless of the increases.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I want to earn your business.

Riedman Motors Co., Inc.
In business since 1926
[email protected]

been using my free time waiting to shop around for a warranty
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