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Ordered a Limited!

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Yesterday! Granite.......with the Limited appearance package.......it comes with just about everything so I debated and discussed with the family whether to get this......I decided I liked the bright bumpers better than the colored ones.......I got the 6'4" bed without the Rambox......adds weight and an easy way to get in by others...and I'm retired! I will get a hard tonneau cover....looking at the Peragon......should be here before July 4!!
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Congrats on placing an order!
Keep us posted on when it all arrives, of course with pictures :D
Yea, congrats the the order sir. July 4th seems like a longer wait than I would have expected, but what can you do? Do you think that you will be using your Ram Ecodiesel to do a lot of hauling and stuff, or more for just daily driving and the likes?
Better late than never! and July 4th is Independence Day 2014 :D good way to celebrate.
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