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Drove a Laramie with all the goodies minus the ram box. I have a ford ecoboost and love the power and zoom but not many bells and whistles. They originally said $53 k for the truck. So I test drove it about 25 miles.. I got it up to 105 mph and was basically full throttle much of the time. I averaged 21 mpg which I was SUPER impressed with considering it was at 3500' elevation and I wasn't easy on it at all. While its no ecoBOOST its not bad at all and I know my ecoboost would have averaged about 12 driving the way I was. The truck drove super nice and loved all the gadgets. So we went back and talked price, the lowest they would come down to was $49k but very good trade on my truck$28,000. I didn't do it. So, I started price checking dealers in Oregon, Idaho and Washington. After 2 weeks I ordered a truck 2 days ago. Laramie 4x4 3.55 gears all the goodies minus side steps, rain sensitive wipers, bed liner and tonneau cover(trying to add it tomorrow I think). But after much back and forth and 5 dealerships I got my truck ordered finally with an MSRP of 50,215 and agreed price after all the deductions is $40,600 and they offered me 28,000 for my trade which is about 4,000 less total difference in price when you consider trade vs price of the new truck that any other dealership offered. They said they were taking about a 3,500 loss but needed the order to make their bonus???? non the less my only worry at this time is the rebate of 2,500, they said if the rebate goes down my price goes up because the rebate is only good at time of delivery. Anyone else heard of that??
So, I am super stoked about the truck and already dreading the long wait.. they said about 2 months (hoping that's correct but know it may be longer). I did do away with the 20'' tires and rims. priced out replacement NON P rated tires (I drive in the woods) and they are way to expensive so saved $425 off invoice for the 17'' tires.
Does anyone have the stock tonneau cover?? If so, do you like it?
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