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Check engine light comes on. Take it into the dealer and the code comes back P20EE-00. Chrysler tells the dealer to reset the sensor and try it. Dealer indicates that fix doesn't work but Chrysler says it needs to be done and I am to get the catalytic converter replaced when the light comes on again. A week later the light comes on again. The dealer says Chrysler will not send them the new catalytic convert until they inspect it again. So instead of just one more day inconvenienced by service it is at least two. Call Chrysler Customer Service and ask to have the replacement catalytic converter sent to not waste another day. At first I am told that to send the catalytic convert now would be inconvenient for the dealer. Then 28 hours later the Customer service manager calls, it was suppose to be 24 hours. She says that it isn't that it is inconvenient it is just they need to verify the failure that was verified previously and that is just how a business needs to run. I run a business and that isn't at all how a successful business is run. You take care of your customers and do not waste their time. Last Chrysler product I purchase!
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