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Personal Record on Fuel Mileage!

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31.5 mpg yesterday!

Okay, truth in advertising: started at 10,660 feet (Wolf Creek Ski Area in southern Colorado) and finished 175 miles later at 7,300 feet. Average speed of ~45 mph due to snow-packed/icy roads (using auto-4WD).

Nonetheless, still pleased! The drive up in dry conditions gave me 26 mpg!
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Down hill, wind at my back, .......... but still nice to have a personal best to shoot for.
Congrats! I know the feeling, slight digression but 2 years ago on my road bike I hit 38 mph on a long downhill nothing steep just prolonged and with peddling... never been able to get back...

In other news you average out to 28.75 mpg, EXACTLY as advertised :D;)
Not bad at all!
Do you post your reports to fuelly? If not it might be a good idea to do that as well.
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