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Please HELP with new Ram decision!!!

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Hey Folks,

I suppose this is a somewhat biased forum to ask this question. However, I figure that the vast majority of you have experience with the EDs, so here it goes.
I currently have a 2007 Ram SLT Lone Star Quad Cab and have decided that it is time to finally upgrade. When the EDs first came out, I didn't want anything to do with them. I'm one of those people that want the kinks to get worked out and market to stabilize before buying a vehicle. Now that they have been out for a while, the market has balanced out a little bit and I figure that most of the bugs are out.
I was looking at buying a 2014 Ram Longhorn or Limited, though now the prices of the new 2015's are below the new 2014s! I like Rams, as I've owned three. However, price is a factor and I've spent a week shopping out the most competitive. I've found a few trucks that fit into my price range which is around $42k pre-TTL. The dilemma is which to go with. I like my Hemi, but the idea of getting the better MPG and having a Diesel that will last forever (hopefully) is appealing. Does anyone have any input on the options that I have listed below? I really like the idea of all the bells and whistles including air suspension, park assist, etc. Though it is a trade off without getting into a 50k+ vehicle. Musts are crew cab, 4x4 and a base trim of Laramie.

New 2015 Eco Diesel Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab - $42,400
Very basic Laramie - only protection and tow package, basic Uconnect A

New 2014 5.7 Hemi Laramie Longhorn Limited 4x4 Crew Cab - $42,400
Every bell and whistle under the sun

New 2015 5.7 Hemi Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab - $37-38k
Pretty basic, though I could probably find one with most upgrades for the $

Or, an outlier... New 2015 Eco Diesel Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab - $45,200
Has most upgrades including Air Suspension, Moon Roof, Park Assist, etc.

Some of the "extra goodies" may not be that big of a deal to some of you, but I've been in a basic SLT for many, many years now and I've decided I want it all.

From my research, those prices on the 2015s that I've listed (including the EDs) are about $10k below MSRP and a **** of a deal for a vehicle that is still in high demand.

Any thoughts??? I've got to make the call by Saturday!:eek:
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Welcome to the forum...
Some things to consider. ...
Do you tow?
If so how heavy, how often, & for what lengths?

What is your yearly average of miles driven?

How long do you typically keep vehicles?

As I'm sure you are well aware, the big complaint for this rig is towing/payload capacities. If you tow heavy & often, the ed may not be for you.

If you drive average mileage or slightly higher than average, the ed will pay for itself in fuel costs.....even when diesel is more expensive.

The last question sorta ties into the second question. If you keep your vehicles for longer than average, the ed will again pay for itself in fuel savings.

In the end it's got to feel right to you as the money is coming from your pocket. I'm a mopar nut so I'd never steer anyone from buying one! Though I absolutely love my ed, ill bet that limited hemi is absolutely beautiful! I have a 14 crew laramie 6'4 " bed 4x4 with everything except air suspension and ram box. I was 53,3& change msrp and was able to get just shy of 11 grand off sticker.

Good luck!
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Welcome to the forum!

The big benefit of the the ED is the mpg for sure. It all comes down to priorities. If the mpg is your biggest thing then the ED is the way to go for sure. Capability is another question, though its not like the ED is disappointing.

Hopefully you can get all your questions answered here.

Thanks for the reply and welcome! I've considered the same questions before too. I don't haul all that much all that often. Firewood in the winter, a few tons of concrete, a 5x8 trailer full of music gear, etc. The Hemi hauls it just fine, but pretty negligible on weight/frequency.
I would say that I drive about 17k miles per year on average. So a little more than the average Joe.
I plan on keeping this vehicle for a long time - so yes, it will probably pay off in the long run. Sure, gas is cheap right now, but it will inevitably go back up. How much and when is anyone's guess.
The Limited is REALLY nice, and I bet if I wait until the 31st and go in, they will cave on the price even more. Still, a tough call.
***I did find a 2014 Longhorn 4x4 EcoDiesel Crew Cab today "Used" with 4,700 miles! Not my favorite color or trim (Laser Etched Longhorn), but if I can get them down a couple of grand, that looks like a winner!! Thoughts?
It is, but I'm also looking for something loaded with features so I won't have buyer's remorse too bad here in the next few years. We all get that a little, I'm sure. Though the more "bells and whistles" that I have - I tend to do this less. Maybe it is just me. I like the power of the Hemi, though I don't think the ED is any slouch either. Maybe the 2014 Longhorn ED I listed above will fill both needs!
You can't go wrong w/a Laramie anything. I would test drive both vehicles, if thats possible. The ED motor has a small amount of lag when hitting the accelerator at first. Some people don't like that. I pull a boat allot, so it doesn't bother me. The hemi has more get up, if your a racer. Hope that helps some. I tested both and was still sold on the ED, nothing like that diesel sound and long term performance diesel engines are known for.
Consider & drive each engine carefully. I drove the Hemi - loved the sound, the power & the smoothness. I let other's past experiences of gas guzzling influence my decision against the Hemi. The new cylinder management & 8 speed tranny have made huge improvements.

The V-6 was a great performer, but I really had to put my foot down into it before it woke up with a vengeance. In retrospect, that engine would have been the best economy in the big picture for me because it takes cheap regular unleaded, doesn't cost extra to buy & the EPA mileage is pretty consistent.

I ignored all the maintenance issues of a modern diesel & fell into the trap that it is somehow economical - it is not. Nor do i think it's durable. Is it a good engine? Yes, but from a $$ perspective, it may not be reliable for what it costs.
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Welcome to the forum, Mitch. A new vehicle purchase is relevant to needs & personal preferences. It's difficult for some to justify the Ed from an economical standpoint. While diesel is presently about 50% higher than gas, historically 20% premium has typically been the norm for several years in most regions. Package deals for multiple oil changes can now be had to avoid ridiculous prices many have paid in the past. Def is a non issue with costs amounting to less than 1/4 cent / mile. Diesel powered trucks demand a much higher resale than comparably equipped gas units even 10-15 yrs out. You can confirm that with a check of some older vehicles @ kbb or nada. So that initial high option cost is like money in the bank. As far as longevity, modern technology has made it possible for gas engines to rival diesels now. Looks like the anemic payload/tow ratings would be a non-issue for your use. Bottom line, if you like the Ed, jump on it. Don't expect to reap huge economic benefits but in the long run, monetarily, it'll show you a bit of an edge. Good luck in your decision.
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That one at $45 doesnt sound bad a bit, welcome to the boards!
From a cost standpoint, you could save approx $2k if you did without the sunroof and air suspension, which are two of the biggest cost items. It doesn't sound like you do a lot of heavy hauling/towing. In place of the air suspension, you could substitute a rear road leveling kit for under $150.00. (There's a range here up to $600.00. For more info go to 2015 Ram 1500 Air Bag Suspension Kits | Air Lift Company Also when towing with a diesel, because the torque is produced down low, the power band is typically at a lower part of the RPM range. So in comparison with your Hemi, it will be a bit quieter when towing.
Good luck with your decision!
It's hard to choose fantastic over outstanding...I know forst hand. I had an 07 that had 200,000 miles on when I sold it. I loved it!!! I knew with driving 125 miles round trip to work I had to make a change to something easier. I drove both like most here did when they purchased. Both trucks will do the exact same things for the normal or average driver. With one exception. You have a much better chance at much better milage with the ecodiesel. That's really the only real hard fact between the two. There are some cost differences that may be a bit higher on average with the Eco but diesels have always been a little more expensive with certain things. I am very fortunate. My truck has 11,000 miles on it and I have had not one thing that needed looked at or fixed. The truck is great. One thing I noticed recently is the way the truck performs in the snow. My eco is so controlled and smooth at the start that in snow and slippery conditions, I have great control of the truck. My Hemi's were not so much. Even with the stock Goodyears on this truck, it has been very impressive with snowy starts and getting in and out of my drive. With the less roar from start, it has been great! Maybe this will help a little but either way you decide, the truck will do great for you.
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own the eco now and trading in for the hemi.


-engine light constantly on
-mpg on eco great for highway around 28 avg about 17-19 with lots of city
-oil changes 180 dollars
def adds up too
-fuel is about 50 cents to a dollar per gallon cheaper

so for the $3k to trade it in for a hemi vs eco will be ahead of the game

every 10k miles driven

eco 22mpg
= 454 gallons at 3.25 per gallon= $1477 dollars
oil change 180 dollars
def 25

say 16 mpg avg
=625 gallons at 2.40= $1500
oil change max 60


Hemi is cheaper to run and operate. any thoughts?
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Does the Hemi require just 1 oil change for every 10k miles like the ED?
It's good that you ran through the numbers, but just like sports, we look at both statistics (your numbers) and then the intangibles (something that's hard to put a number to in the case of vehicle purchases). How long will you keep the vehicle, how many miles/year. Towing? If so how often. Resale value.

When I look at your numbers they are too close to call, which would force me as a buyer to look deeper into the intangibles to give me direction... Personally can't see how you could go wrong with either, I think you make a pros & cons column for each, throw all the stats and intangibles at it and then see which one has more check marks - Easy right?! Lol!

For me it was easy, it was the ED. I wanted (need) a truck for DIY, camping, etc., with Camry gas mileage, and the ED fit the bill... So I guess it is a niche vehicle! At least for now until everyone realizes what their missing.
Cj I have the ed currently so I know the truck and know how many times I have been in the shop. And seems like most have been in for the same reason.

O2 sensors
Re flash and currently in waiting for cat converter.

I know the mpg benefits but really they get offset with the higher price of diesel vs gasoline.

I look at the expense of it. I bought for the same reasons you did. Unsure if resale will be better or worse but depends of the reputation of the Ed. Could it be a 6 l power stroke and be a flop or a 5.9 cummins and be renowned. Time will tell but so far seems like a flop with many angry disappointed customers.
Wellcraft has valid points for his particular truck and to be sure, he's not the only one. Keep in mind there are thousands (I'm one of them) that have never had an issue with tier ED.

Sorry my mistake! I just reread what I responded to and I should have read more carefully! I would be curious to see what you would find in a forum for the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. Just to see if it's an across-the-board issue, or just specific to the Ram 1500.
.15 to .25 cents per gallon difference here. I guess it depends on your area. I do agree though the hemi will have 2 oil services to 1 eco. If I did the math in my area the eco would come out cheaper in the 10000 mi calculation.
I think a few things are missing. First, resale value on diesels have historically been higher. Also, diesel engins have been more reliable. Lastly, those numbers assume gas as less expensive than diesel, when often it's the other way around. Just my .02
I live in northern Michigan and diesel is 2.60 and regular is 2.89.
Boy am I happy with my new ED!
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