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Pop-up Camper - anyone?

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I am planning on buying a 2015 ED with the crew cab, 6'4" bed and the 4 corner suspension. I want to put a pop-up camper in the back at times (not all the time). The weight of the campers I am considering are in the 850-900lbs dry weight.

Anyone else putting a camper or any other significant load in their ED? What sort of weights? How does the load affect milage? Does the air suspension help with leveling and handling?

The experience of any others about this would be helpful.
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I bought the Big Horn with the 6'4 box and without the airbag suspension, so cannot comment on the ride when loaded. However when I opened my glove box, there is a document that specifically suggests NOT to put a camper on the back box, shows some diagrams of the truck etc, however it just does not recommend using a camper in the back. Does not say why.
Weird that they do not state why, there has to be some good reason for this. It might be worth it to shoot RAM an email about it.
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