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Hey guys I’m brand new to this forum but frequent other forums like dodgetrucksxtreme, race-dezert, etc. I design suspension for 2009+ ram 1500’s gas and eco diesel and I wanted to show you guys some products and kits and also answer any questions you have. The company name is Gunnar Off Road Racing. The website is gorracing com and the instagram is @gorracing Basically I’m trying to get the name out there and raise product awareness. This kit is fully adjustable and you can lift the truck up to 6” or lower it 3” The truck in the pic is at about 2.5 - 3” lift

I'll post pics and describe what you're seeing. The pictures include:

Fully boxed upper arms with a uniball replacing the ball joint and a heat strengthen 17-4 stainless steel tapered pin replacing the garbage mild steel bolt. And it comes with a lower coilover mount also

2wd tower with shock and arm mounts. This part is only required on 2wd

A comparison picture of our very hefty rear links next to stock ram links. The heim joints not only make it much tougher but also provide adjustability to center the wheel in the wheel well when you lift/lower

Our bed cage has a removable center section that you can take out for more bed space and drop back in for a desert shakedown

The rear suspension pic has a lot going on. You can see the king coilover which is mounted to the bed cage, king bypasses and king bump stops in our bumpstop mounts which slip over the frame. Behind the tire is an axle mount that has a lower coilover mount, lower bypass mount and a bump stop pad

And the most popular product which is the high clearance rear bumper. It mounts into stock bolt holes and follows the same curve as the top of the tailgate

We’ve also done our trucks like a mega cab cummins with 3.5 kings, long travel deavers, and radius arms. And a Tundra class 1400 race truck with center mounted a-arms, trailing arms out back and full DOM cage front to rear getting over 21” of travel in front and 26” in the rear. I can post us pics of those if you guys are interested.


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