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If you are serious about going offroad, you need to get serious about off-road tires for your Dodge Ram. Typically designed with deeper tread, larger sizes, and higher sidewall ratios than standard tires, off-road tires help your truck to keep moving on any terrain type. They are strong and durable enough to give you the confidence to safely traverse rough, muddy roads and terrain without fear of damaging your truck or getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Purchasing new off-road tires can be one of the hardest choices when compared to any other type of accessories. Here at CARiD, we carry a wide selection of A/T and M/T tires in various sizes and configurations, so you can easily find a perfect match for your rig. Below you will find the most common off-road tire sizes for Dodge Ram.

Oversized R20 tires available for a Dodge Ram with a lift:

Keep in mind that tire options listed above may require additional modifications, depending on your wheel specifications. Contact our experts directly to find the best wheel & tire combo for your Dodge Ram 888.978.3395!

View all off-road tire options available for your model here:


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