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rail dust

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I had no idea:

Right about at 2:55 he gets to removing the iron imbedded in paint.

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never even knew about this.
all i do is take my vehicles through the automated touchless car wash or go to the coin op to wash it myself.

this is something i'll bring up to the detailer that details my next truck
I guess you would consider claybar to be overkill? At least it's a good overkill.
Might have to bring this up to my detailer or even try it out for myself.
yes but you will only really see noticeable improvements on light colored cars - since rail dust doesn't really show on black cars or dark cars.
Didn't know that, good to know, plus it also makes sense. On darker colors paints, imperfections can hide in some ways.

But there will be people with those dark colored cars that are all about the details and will want everything possible done to make their car look the best it can, might as well do this .
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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