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Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel - Autoguide.com

Diesel pickups are nothing new. All of the domestics offer turbodiesel engines in their heavy-duty trucks, where the diesel's load-lugging ability is put to best use -- in fact, it was the Cummins six-cylinder diesel engine that put Ram (formerly Dodge) pickups on the map.

With fuel economy becoming a primary purchase consideration, the diesel engine offers a ready answer for half-ton trucks, and Ram is the first to take the plunge


Surprisingly, Ram isn't using a Cummins powerplant; its new 3.0-liter "EcoDiesel" V6 is made by VM Motori. Fiat, owner of Ram's parent company Chrysler, also owns half of VM, and that no doubt factored into this decision. (Ironically, General Motors owns the other half.)

But Ram says that light-duty diesel customers are very different from HD Cummins buyers, who want the whole big-rig experience, noise and all. Light-duty buyers are looking for fuel efficiency, preferably with the refinement they would find in a gas-engine pickup. Ram says they considered the Cummins 5.0-liter V8 that Nissan plans to use in the 2015 Titan, but it didn't deliver the experience or the economy they wanted.

Being fans of the Cummins engine ourselves, we were skeptical at first, but after driving the diesel-powered 1500, we see Ram's point. We hate to use that old cliché "you'll hardly know you're driving a diesel," but in this case it very nearly applies.

The VM doesn't shout its presence to the entire neighborhood the way the Cummins does; it's quiet, refined and unobtrusive, much like a diesel-powered Mercedes car -- a diesel for people who wouldn't go out of their way to buy a diesel.

Check out AutoGuide.com for the rest of the story here

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Factory order

How about this one........I figured what new 1500 diesel I wanted and went to first dealer to work numbers. They informed me the factory is not excepting anymore orders on 2014 Rams. What is this crap, it's June 4th.

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I put an order in on Saturday, does that mean I am looking at August as well.
My dealer hasn't given me a date, yet.
I just ordered on on Saturday too. We both ordered 2014 model year. later this month they will stop placing orders for 2014, and switch to 2015.

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Hey guys

I just took possession of my 2014 RAM Quad Cab SLT 4x4 3 weeks ago here in BC.

Have you thought about simply buying yours directly through an auto broker? It's $750 broker fee and then everything (I mean everything) is at cost.

My local dealer gave me a spiel earlier this year when I walked onto the lot. "We're a large dealer but the US is getting all the orders first.....We'll be lucky to get 2 ecodiesels this year." Translation, dealer orders the colour, trim level, options and if it's true that they only get 2, then customers MUST pay sticker.

Am loving it so far!
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