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Ram 1500 Diesel vs F150 Diesel

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How do you think this battle will go down?

Rumors are that the F150 Diesel will be a 3.0L V6 diesel, codenamed 'Lion'.

With the new aluminum lightweight business and rumors of a 10 speed transmission. Seems like the F150 will continue to sell like hotcakes?
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tugboat - where are you getting your info from regarding an F-150 diesel? From everything I've read, Ford is NOT planning a diesel option for the F-150. And why would they? They have the ecoBoost engines they are continuing to develop, and for those that tow frequently they seem to want people to go for the Super Duty anyway. Unless the cost difference between a SD and an F-150 is significant, those that tow alot will likely go for a SD diesel anyway (makes sense, economically anyway).

Here's an article to take a look at: Ford F-150 Going Diesel? Rumor Says Yes, Execs Say No – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

I think that the RAM 1500 ecoDiesel has the potential to hurt their sales of 2500 RAMs with a 6.7.....which might hurt profitability in the long run too. Ford's strategy might actually make more sense in that respect.
L.O.A. - Only if Ford can't hit the MPG and HP/TQ numbers it needs to stay competitive in the market with an EB engine.

Truthfully, unless you are loaded most of the time, a diesel really is not cost effective in comparison to the EB. Maybe in some rare instances, but for the most part, if you factor in all the costs involved, I doubt a diesel *really* pays for itself over the long term (unless you tow alot). I could get more involved in explaining the "why", but it's 1100 and I get up at 0530.....
Yes, more LD diesels = more choices, always a good thing.

Now if only they would give a MT option.....but I fear the EPA & CARB have pretty much killed that off now. Shame.

I like the fact that Ford is going to try aluminum for the F150 body. Good idea. I wonder why they don't try composite panels for things like the hood, fenders, doors, etc. I also thought the composite bed that Toyota used in the Tacoma was a great idea as well.

Imagine a LD truck, say the Titan with the Cummins V-8, with cylinder deactivation (like on the Hemi 5.7) - I wonder what kind of mileage boost that would produce when unloaded/lightly loaded.....throw in an aluminum or composite body to reduce weight, and ass even more payload/towing capacity AND increased mileage when unloaded.

What's next on the horizon? I know Ford was toying with HLA (hydraulic launch assist) a while back, which had the potential to increase mileage up to 20%.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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