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Ram 1500 Diesel vs F150 Diesel

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How do you think this battle will go down?

Rumors are that the F150 Diesel will be a 3.0L V6 diesel, codenamed 'Lion'.

With the new aluminum lightweight business and rumors of a 10 speed transmission. Seems like the F150 will continue to sell like hotcakes?
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6mpg more than the F150 diesel?

You mean the F150 V6?
its just based off rumors

so is everything. so was the diesel ram. that started as a rumor

there is a rumor for a diesel titan. rumor for a diesel tundra.

just seems like more diesels are coming to north america

and that isn't a bad thing to me.
Yes, more LD diesels = more choices, always a good thing.

Now if only they would give a MT option.....but I fear the EPA & CARB have pretty much killed that off now. Shame.

I like the fact that Ford is going to try aluminum for the F150 body. Good idea. I wonder why they don't try composite panels for things like the hood, fenders, doors, etc. I also thought the composite bed that Toyota used in the Tacoma was a great idea as well.

Imagine a LD truck, say the Titan with the Cummins V-8, with cylinder deactivation (like on the Hemi 5.7) - I wonder what kind of mileage boost that would produce when unloaded/lightly loaded.....throw in an aluminum or composite body to reduce weight, and ass even more payload/towing capacity AND increased mileage when unloaded.

What's next on the horizon? I know Ford was toying with HLA (hydraulic launch assist) a while back, which had the potential to increase mileage up to 20%.
i think for the hood at least. if they use composite it might not be heavy enough to close when you drop the hood.

aluminum is already much lighter. MUCH LIGHTER.

I guess they could use composite materials for the fenders
i think aluminum will come first

and maybe in 2050 carbon fiber
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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