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Ram 1500 Diesel vs Nissan Titan Diesel

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Rumors are that Nissan is adding a new player to the diesel truck market with a Cummins Diesel V8 in their Titan

Engine is rumored to make 300hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. That would mean Nissan would have the torquiest light duty truck in America.

Sound attractive?

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its a v8 diesel. RAM considered the cummins 8 for the 1500 based on their HD relationship with cummins, but in the end its still a V8. Diesel or not a V6 is always more fuel efficient.
Not sure I agree with the generalized statement that "a V6 is always more fuel efficient".

I agree in this case, the V6 will be more efficient than the V8. But it has to do with displacement, not the number of cylinders. Perhaps you meant to say "The 3.0 is always more fuel efficient than the 5.0"

Fewer cylinders usually means smaller displacement, but not always. The Cummins diesel in the Ram HD has only 6 cylinders and is less efficient than the Cummins V8.
equal displacement 8 vs 6 the 6 is more efficient, I said what I meant.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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