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Ram 1500 Recall for Loose Fastener

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Yet another recall for the Ram 1500. This one affects 300,000 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups due to the potential for the pinion nut on the rear axle to loosen. This could cause the rear axle to lock up or detach with little or no warning. That would result in a loss of control of the truck.

There were three reported incidents that were linked to this issue and one resulted in injuries. All the accidents occurred while the trucks were traveling faster than 50 mph.

These Ram trucks were built in 2005 so it should affect too many of us, however, there was a previous recall that affected 2009-2012 trucks that happened in 2013.

Dodge Ram trucks recalled for loose fastener | New and Used Car Reviews, Research & Automotive-Industry News & LeftLaneNews
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