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RAM Cold Weather Testing

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Heres a cool little video looking at some of the cold weather torture testing RAM puts all their trucks though. Cool little look if you're concerned about cold weather performance...

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Great video. Entertaining while still being very informative. It gives you a good idea of how well the Ram will stand up to cold weather, which is important for me living in Canada.

That area they are in sure is cold though. I think that's under Manitoba. It gets really cold there.

I also think that seeing more of this behind the scenes footage of development gives people a better understanding of the vehicle and thereby a better connection with the car as well. They know what its been through before it gets to them.

Worth the watch.
always love watching this stuff

any other videos of extreme weather testing?
I could never live anywhere like that but i wouldn't mind having some snow just to mess around with, nothing more fun than drifting a truck in snow :D throttle & turn.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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